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About Us

Okinawa is aiming to be an accessible tourist destination. Accessible Okinawa is the Tourist Information Center for seniors and people with disabilities, such as wheelchair users, visual and hearing impairments, mentally disabled people, also people who need nursing, children and foreign tourists in order to enjoy traveling to Okinawa with safely and security.

Is there a facility with wheelchair accessibility? How can I go to a restroom and take a bath during the travel? Can an assistance dog stay in the hotel?


We would like to provide accessible tourist information; more choices, and less worry to help you before and during the travel.



Naha Airport Domestic Passenger Terminal 1st floor Arrival lobby.
150, Kagamizu, Naha-City, Okinawa, Zip 901-0142
Business hours: 10:00AM~6:00PM

Please return product to the designated Place near the BFC desk at our desk at Naha Airport (DOMESTIC).



Naha Airport International Passenger Terminal 1st floor Arrival lobby.
280, Kagamizu, Naha-City, Okinawa, Zip 901-0142
The Okinawa Barrier-Free Tour Center is located in the Visitor Center on the 1st floor lobby of the International Terminal at Naha Airport.
Business hours: 10:00AM~4:00PM



Zip 901-0021
1-20-6, Izumizaki, Naha-City, Kafuna Asahibashi A-block
( Naha Bus Terminal, 2F in the Okinawa tourist information)
Business hours: 10:00AM~4:00PM


Common services

We provide accessible tourists information especially for seniors and the people with disabilities, such as…

●Accessible tourist attractions
●Hotels with Accessible Rooms
●Accessible taxi
●Wheel-chair-accessible restroom
●Dialysis travel
●Multi-purpose restroom provided with a sink for Ostomate
●Assisted bathing
●Wheel-chair rental service
●Stroller rental service

*Wheel-chair and stroller rental service can be acceptable to any visitor, and these are usable in and out of Okinawa and Japan.

Wheel-chair rental service
if the wheelchair (electric wheelchair) is broken; we can make arrangements that help repaird.

Rental Fee

The day500yen
2 days1700yen
3 days3300yen
4 days5000yen

※More than 4 days, rental fee is only 5,000 yen.
From 4 days to within 1 month : 5,000 yen.
※The quantity is Limited so please make a reservation in advance.
※Please contact us for more details.

Wheel chair size

 When usedWhen folded
Widthabout 65cmabout 35cm
Total heightabout 85cm(folded type Grip) 60cm
front and backabout 1msame as on the left
Weightabout 14kgsame as on the left

※Bearing surface size is 40cm x 40cm

Wheel chair image1
Wheel chair image2

Electric wheelchair RASREL

Rental Fee

The day2,000yen
2 days3,500yen
3 days6,500yen
4 days ~ 7 days10,000yen

※More than 8 days rental is consultation required.
※The quantity is Limited so please make a reservation in advance.
※Please contact us for more details.


An electric cart who never give up on having fun.
It can be folded smartly and is easy to carry.

Rental Fee

The day4,600yen
2 days8,600yen
3 days ~ 6 days12,600yen
7 days ~ 9 days16,600yen
10 days ~ 19 days24,600yen
20 days ~ 1 month30,000yen

※This picture is just an image.
※The quantity is Limited so please make a reservation in advance.
※Please contact us for more details.
※You can also make a reservation at NOAA company website.

Stroller rental service
We have type A and B of strollers; you can choose

Rental Fee

The day500yen
2 days1000yen
3 days2000yen
4 days3000yen
More than 4 daysincrease 500yen per day(s)

※There is a case of difference from the photos.
※Please make a reservation because they’re limited.
※For more details, please contact us.


Stroller image a

Target age:
Newborn (not yet able to sit ) to 2years old
※There is reclining function


Stroller image b

Target age:
7months (able to sit ) to 2 years old
※There is No reclining function

Chaire-boat・Buggy rental service

Chair-boat and Buggy is the amphibious wheel-chair that can play in the sea for wheel-chair users

Rental Fee

“Chair-boat” “Buggy”5000yen~

*Regarding chair board and buggy , only making a reservation and inquiry are acceptable here at our center. You will need to take and return these products at Azama sun sun beach in Nanjo city.

※for more details, please contact us.



Buggy image1
Buggy image2


Other rental service

・Shower carry
・Shower chair
・Written words board

Shower carry image1
Shower carry
Shower chair image1
Shower chair

written words board

written words board image1
written words board image 2
shining type
written words board image2

How to Book

① Make a Reservation
(from “inquiry (reservation) form”, “E-mail”, “FAX”, or “telephone”)
※please fill in details and confirm.
② Receive contact of reservation completion from our center.
※If there is no return contact from our center within one week, please contact us again.
③ Rental start
(sign to a document, and payment)
④ Rental out


You can reserve by an inquiry (reservation) form, e-mai,.

inquiry (reservation) form
E-mail: int,jimukyoku@barifuri-okinawa.org

※ We will rent without a reservation when possible.

Information required at the time of booking (red letters are required)

  1. Applicant name
  2. Country and city (address optional)
  3. Accommodation facility name
  4. Mobile phone number (optional)
  5. Rental equipment (wheelchairs, strollers, etc.), rental volume (○ units)
  6. Rental period (Start to Out)
  7. Arrival time to Okinawa
  8. Departure time from Okinawa
  9. Rental locations (Lending)
  10. Rental locations (Returning)

About rental (receipt, return, and payment method)
※ Please contact us if you would like to receive our services after our business hours.
Please make your reservation one week in advance.
※ Receipt and return of rental products are available at the BFC desk Naha Airport ( International / Domestic ) , and Naha Bus Terminal.

When picking up a rental transit at Naha airport, Because the BFTC staff cannot pass through the security checkpoint, so when picking up rental products, you can pick up the products after passing through the security checkpoint security inspection once.
 In addition, regarding wheelchair assistance and assistance for people with disabilities, please consult with each airline company you are using.

※Delivery is only available in Naha City. Shipping fee: 500 yen
※Receipt/return/payment of rental products are payment of fees at the BFC desk ("Tourist Information Center for the People with Disabilities and Senior") at Air Port International desk, AirPort domestic desk, and bus terminals desk.            ※Please pay in cash in Japanese Yen when renting products.           
※Please consult with our information center regarding the delivery of chair boats and buggies.

Other Information

About "Sora-port"

Non-step bus "OKINAWA Sora-port" : This Sora-port has no steps in the doorway, thus you can get on and off on the wheelchair if a slope is set.

Based at Naha Airport, we support transport to prefectural events and sports competitions, exchange activities venues, accommodate property, and so on.

Sora-port image1

About restroom for Assistance dog

There is a restroom for Assistance dog at Naha Airport, both Domestic and International Terminal.
A restroom for Assistance dog is locked. Please ask us in the case of use.

Assistance dog image1
Naha airport / International
Sketch Assistance dog image1
Assistance dog image2
Naha airport / Domestic
Sketch Assistance dog image2

Bus route search by DAISY

※Japanese-only service

Reading system (voice guide) for people, such as visual disabilities.
Made with DAISY Standard, Daisy Talking Books. Play them with corresponding equipment, then you can smoothly access to information such as headings, contents, and chapters.

At Tourist Information Center for People with Disabilities and Seniors, we have received many requests from people with visual disabilities that they want to travel Okinawa by a bus.

So this time, we have comprised various bus access information with DAISY Standard to various Okinawa tourism spots, such as Shuri Castle, Gyokusendo, Churaumi Aquarium, Okinawa main island, Miyako Island, and Ishigaki Island, so that people with disabilities can freely travel wherever they want to go.

If you ride on a bus in Okinawa, you may have fun travel, that you cannot experience by a taxi and a rental car, such as enjoying talking with the driver and local seniors.

For more information about DAISY, check the following:
DAISY Research Center

Bus route search by DAISY image1

AccessibleOkinawa PDF download

You can download Accessible Okinawa, which is the best hand-book that tells you about the accessibility information in Okinawa.

Accessible Okinawa PDF image1
Accessible Okinawa PDF image2